Welcome Mum, Dad or parent-to be

wherever you may be on your family journey

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy & trying to conceive or maintain a healthy pregnancy can be a time of anxiety.  Raising a child can also be stressful.  As your family journey progresses, your body will change, and you may experience new aches & pains from carrying your child.

Family Therapies provide you with time away from your worries & demands to help calm your body & mind.  Have a look at the Pure Relaxation therapies too for some special pampering.

WANTED: If you are looking for fertility support & are willing to be a case study as part of my on-going training, I can offer you free fertility reflexology sessions.  Please get in touch ASAP.

Fertility Support

Fertility Reflexology is like reflexology in that it is based on the principle that the feet are like a mini map of the body & by pressing on the foot’s reflex points, it connects to the corresponding part of the body where it can have a beneficial effect. Fertility reflexology is a specialised form of reflexology for fertility & conception for men & women. It is used to balance your hormones – useful for conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, PMT & sperm issues & to prepare your body for conception, whether you have fertility issues or not.

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This is all about relaxation – of the body & mind. The aim is to support you in preparation for becoming pregnant by giving you a chance to unwind & rebalance, and by relieving tension & promoting your sense of wellbeing.

Pregnancy Support

Reflexology involves massaging your feet & can be carried out whilst fully clothed. It is based on the principle that the feet are like a mini map of the body & by pressing on the foot’s reflex points, it connects to the corresponding part of the body where it can have a beneficial effect. Some people use it to help them cope with specific health challenges. It also has a very calming & deeply relaxing effect which is helpful in relieving tension & improving mood & sleep. The reflexology is tailored to the stage of your pregnancy to help support you as your baby develops & grows.

Suitable from the first few weeks of pregnancy & designed for your changing body, this is a deeply relaxing full body massage. Aimed at easing tension, particularly in your back, shoulders, legs & scalp. You will be supported on comfortable pillows & lying on your side for most of the massage.

Post Natal Support

To help reduce stress & tension built up from labour or from carrying & caring for your child. Massage’s beneficial effect of calming & rejuvenating your mind & mood may help you to tackle the rest of the day & get a good night’s sleep – though I can’t guarantee your baby will.

You can have a relaxing full body massage or a deeper, remedial massage that works on specific areas (e.g. shoulders) or a combination of both. We will ensure you are comfortable e.g. lying on your side should your tummy & breasts be tender.

To help you relax & de-stress, or to help with aches & pains. You can choose the type of massage you want – from a relaxing massage to deep tissue or clinical massage which concentrates on specific areas, or a combination of both.

Aromatherapy / Essential oils can be added to enhance your treatment

Aromatherapy – it’s more than just a smelly massage! Essential oils are the pure ‘essences’ extracted from flowers, berries, fruits, herbs & trees & have been used for thousands of years for their aromatic, therapeutic & restorative properties.

Plants use their scent & chemical components to attract pollinators, repel predators or resist disease. Their essences can have an impact on us too and can be absorbed through the skin, our biggest organ, or inhaled to trigger certain effects in us. We respond emotionally more to smell than to any of our other senses making essential oils a powerful addition to a massage. Different massage and essential oils can be blended together to support your health or emotional needs.

Important information to read before your appointment

They are generally considered safe throughout pregnancy, provided you have had no complications, however because the risk of miscarriage is greater within the first term of pregnancy, some women choose to wait until after their 12-week scan.

There are some conditions which might prevent therapy from taking place so before booking an appointment, please inform me of any health issues you may have including if you have/had any complications with your pregnancy or with the delivery. You can have a massage 2 weeks after a healthy pregnancy & delivery – as soon as you feel ready, although if you have had a caesarean-section, you should wait at least 6 weeks for the scar tissue to heal. Care will be taken to choose the most appropriate therapy for you, but I also recommend that you check with your doctor or midwife/health visitor before booking an appointment.

I may be unable to treat you if you have injured yourself within the last 72 hours, have certain medical conditions, a heavy cold, flu or temperature, have had surgery within the last 3 months or have any blood clots/deep vein thrombosis (DVT), so please contact me to check first. It is also useful if you could give me, in advance, a list of any medications you are taking, so that I can adjust the therapy appropriately. It is not advisable to drink alcohol or eat a large meal before your appointment.

If you have a baby, you will need to arrange for some help – taking an hour for yourself can be difficult but it will be worth it. An hour that is all about you can provide a much-needed break for emotional & psychological recovery. Ensuring that your baby is well fed, changed, perhaps ready for a nap & in the care of someone you trust will help you to fully relax during your massage.

Children are welcome at Staveley Natural Health Centre as long as they are accompanied by an adult who can care for them whilst you are having your appointment, also there are cafes & a playground nearby. It may be possible for me to visit you at home, but you will still need someone to look after your child so that you can benefit fully from time alone.

Your privacy is always respected; during a massage you will be covered by towels. For sports/clinical massage please bring shorts & a vest top.

You may wish to have a one-off appointment or enjoy the cumulative benefits of 4-8 therapy sessions, depending on your reasons for coming. Reproflexology involves a series of sessions and is best carried out on a weekly basis initially, then fortnightly.

Please be aware that there are 12 steep steps leading up to the therapy room and no lift. Parking is available in Staveley Mill Yard but there are no designated parking bays next to Staveley Natural Health Centre.

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel, otherwise there will be a cancellation fee of £10.

“I had a really lovely relaxing pregnancy massage with Jemma, I would go again. She is so friendly and made me feel really at ease. We had a consultation beforehand which made me feel I was in safe hands. Jemma’s technique and wonderful smelling oils were great, just what I needed, I fell asleep!”
Crystal, 36 weeks pregnant