Fertility Reflexology for Men & Women 

‘One in three couples will experience fertility problems’

Fertility Reflexology, also known as Reproflexology is a non-invasive, holistic & deeply relaxing treatment that addresses the physical & emotional issues relating to infertility.  It works by addressing underlying conditions, regulating your menstrual cycle to ensure that each stage of the cycle is functioning at its best & by improving sperm production & functionality.  It can be used:

  • To enhance your natural fertility, whether you have any fertility issues or not,
  • With all forms of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI,
  • To support individuals & couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF cycles, and
  • To address hormonal issues e.g. PCOS, endometriosis & irregular or painful periods, whether you wish to become pregnant or not.

How do the appointments work?

Before we meet, I will send you a health questionnaire to fill out.  The first appointment takes approximately 1.30 hours & is ideally with both partners.  We’ll discuss your questionnaire & any blood or semen analysis tests you might have had.  I’ll provide you with dietary & lifestyle tips to help improve your general health & fertility.  Subsequent appointments last 1 hour & include a 45-minute reflexology treatment.

I may ask you to log your temperature daily because it changes throughout your menstrual cycle & can tell us so much about hormonal irregularities, how to treat them & when you are most fertile.

The reflexology you receive will be tailored to your particular situation.  It involves very gentle & deeply relaxing movements on specific reflex points of your feet which correspond to particular parts of your body.  Stress can have a major impact on fertility by affecting the menstrual cycle & sperm production, morphology & motility.  Reflexology is a great way to help manage stress.

Regular treatments throughout your menstrual cycle are recommended in order to promote the right conditions to support & develop a healthy egg through to ovulation, implantation & pregnancy.  Male clients will also benefit from regular treatments.  Initially weekly appointments are recommended for at least a month.

When is the best time to get Fertility Reflexology?

Any time is good but the best time to start is 3 months before trying for a baby – whether naturally or assisted because the changes you make now through reflexology, healthy eating, exercise & stress management can take about 3 months to have an impact on your egg & sperm health.

Covid-19 – There is a lot you can do right now to help your future fertility.  Although I might not be able to see you in person, I can still offer valuable support by providing you with diet & lifestyle tips, hand reflexology to try at home & analysis of your daily temperature logs & menstrual cycle.

N.B.  I have been training with the renowned fertility reflexologist Barbara Scott of Seren Fertility for the past year.  If you are willing to be a case study to help me complete the qualification, I can offer treatments for free.  Please contact me for more details.