Take the time to relax with our pure relaxation therapies

From head & shoulders, to knees & toes these deeply relaxing therapies will help to ease day-to-day stresses to leave you feeling calm & re-energised.  You can choose the pressure of the massage, from gentle aromatherapy massage, to more vigorous Swedish massage or even firmer deep tissue massage.


A relaxing massage to the back, legs, arms, neck & shoulders with an optional scalp massage (full body massage) or a half body massage if omitting the legs & arms. You can choose the pressure, either gentle or firmer to tackle any knots & to release muscular tension, or a combination of both.

Deep pressure is applied to the back, shoulders, legs & arms to reach the deeper lying muscles. Not everyone finds this relaxing!

A relaxing massage to the head, shoulders, back & face (optional). It can be carried out whilst you are fully clothed & seated.

Includes a toe or finger nail trim if required, and exfoliation. Particularly good for arthritic hands or if you find it difficult to reach your feet.

If you can’t decide between a massage or a facial, why not have both! This starts with a relaxing back massage, moving on to a neck & shoulder massage, followed by a mini facial before finishing with a blissful scalp massage.

An hour’s appointment to show you some professional massage moves to help you improve your technique back home so that you can give a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage to someone you care about. You will receive a massage too, so you know what it feels like. You will need to bring a willing volunteer to practice on. Please note that this is purely for enjoyment & relaxation only, it is not an accredited or professional course, nor a qualification.


If you can’t decide between a massage or a facial, why not have both! This starts with a relaxing back massage, moving on to a neck & shoulder massage, followed by a mini facial before finishing with a blissful scalp massage.

A relaxing facial suited to your skin condition which cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises & massages your face, neck & shoulders, with an optional scalp massage.  This will remove any make-up so please bring supplies if you want to reapply.


Reflexology involves massaging your feet & can be carried out whilst fully clothed.  It is based on the principle that the feet are like a mini map of the body & by pressing on the foot’s reflex points, it connects to the corresponding part of the body where it can have a beneficial effect.  Some people use it to help them cope with specific health challenges e.g. hormonal imbalances.  It has a very calming & deeply relaxing effect which may be helpful on a physical & emotional level, including relieving tension and improving mood & sleep.

Aromatherapy / Essential oils can be added to enhance your treatment

Aromatherapy – it’s more than just a smelly massage! Essential oils are the pure ‘essences’ extracted from flowers, berries, fruits, herbs & trees & have been used for thousands of years for their aromatic, therapeutic & restorative properties.

Plants use their scent & chemical components to attract pollinators, repel predators or resist disease. Their essences can have an impact on us too and can be absorbed through the skin, our biggest organ, or inhaled to trigger certain effects in us. We respond emotionally more to smell than to any of our other senses making essential oils a powerful addition to a massage. Different oils can be blended together to support your health or emotional needs.

Important information to read before your appointment

There are some conditions which might prevent an appointment so when you book, please let me know of any health issues you have & if you are currently receiving medical attention. If you are having medical treatment, you may wish to ask your healthcare professional if a complementary therapy treatment will be appropriate for you at this time.
I may be unable to treat you if you have injured yourself within the last 72 hours, have a heavy cold, flu or a temperature, have had surgery within the last 3 months or have any blood clots / deep vein thrombosis (DVT), so please let me know. It is also useful if you could give me, in advance, a list of any medications you are taking, so that I can adjust the therapy appropriately. It is not advisable to drink alcohol or eat a large meal before a massage.

Your privacy is always respected; during a massage you will be covered by towels.

Please be aware that there are 12 steep steps leading up to the therapy room and no lift. Parking is available in Staveley Mill Yard but there are no designated parking bays next to Staveley Natural Health Centre.
Please give at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel, otherwise there will be a cancellation fee of £10.
You may wish to have a one-off appointment or enjoy the cumulative benefits of 4-6, depending on your reasons for coming.
“Jemma is a wonderful and caring practitioner. From the moment I lay down and she started working on my feet, I felt completely held and supported which encouraged a deep sense of peace, relaxation and healing to take place. Thank you so much.”
Anne, reflexology
“I had a wonderful and relaxing Swedish Massage with Jemma, I could just feel the stress melt away. Jemma is an excellent professional therapist with a lovely calming nature; she made me feel so welcome and at ease. I slept like a log that night so I quickly booked in for some more treatments.”
Nicola, busy mum of two who had been affected by flooding